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Sol Ferrandiz Jerez
Sol Ferrandiz

« Since we discovered her, we were instantly hooked by her use of embroidery, ceramic and straw, together with thick knitwear. She is closely linked to her roots, with a modern and ground-breaking aesthetic, placing her among the designers who use their origins, local artisanal techniques and a sustainable, conscious fashion as the new luxury tool. Sol Ferrandiz is the perfect example of how looking to the past can be a big step towards the future. »

Inmaculada Jiménez
Creative and Fashion Director of ELLE Spain
Benedetta Poletti
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Spain

Johannes Leijonberg & Adèle Gillardeau
Johannes Adele

« We at ELLE Sweden fell in love with the brand Johannes Adele for their perfect balance of urban, genderless looks with a modern and romantic feel. The design duo finds their inspiration through their cultural heritage and their travels around the world. Their unique, contemporary style is a reflection of our ever-changing times and their collections express a clean, modern Swedish look combined with chic French wearability. We’re thrilled (but not surprised) that Johannes Adele found their way into the top 20! »

Jenny Fredriksson
Fashion Editor of ELLE Sweden

Justin Chou
Just In Case

« Justin Chou is a talented Taiwanese designer great at combining Chinese elements and feminine looks that are always in the spirit of the times. His brand, Just In Case, features innovative cuts and handmade details often with a humorous approach. We’re so excited that Justin is in the top 20! And we’re thrilled that more and more people now know more about him, a fashion designer from Taiwan! »

Florence Lu
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Taiwan

Gul Agis
Lug Von Siga

« Gul Agis' designs are for the modern, strong, courageous and romantic women all around the world. She has a love of detail and fine craftsmanship, combining Turkey’s local motifs with an innovative and international approach. We at ELLE Turkey believe that more people should get to know her incredible brand, Lug Von Siga. She’s a fearless designer and we’re very proud to introduce Gul Agis internationally and see how well received her designs were worldwide with ELLE Fashion Now! We want to thank everyone who voted for her! »

Isin Gormus
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Turkey

Vatanika Patamasingh

« Vatanika Patamasingh continues to design one amazing collection after another for her label Vatanika. She is well loved among world class celebrities, from J. Lo to the Kardashian-Jenners, not only for her designs but also in the way her clothes empower women to feel more confident with their bodies. We’re very proud and happy that Vatanika made it to ELLE Fashion Now’s Top 20. She will surely continue to inspire women around the world, and we will always support her. »

Pannatorn Boonmahitthisud
Fashion Editor of ELLE Thailand

Man Chien
Man Chien

« Man Chien is a maker of wearable art. She is known for creating hand-painted garments which revolve around existential philosophy and emotion. Through her namesake brand she has chosen clothing as her medium, with each piece a one-off, full of emotion and life. This is why we're thrilled to see that her unique designs have resonated with ELLE readers around the world as much as they do with us here in Malaysia. Man Chien is a perfectionist who puts everything she has into her work, so it's wonderful to see her being recognized. »

Kate Guest
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Malaysia

Nevena Ivanovic
Neo design

« Nevena Ivanovi is a young fashion and jewelry designer, as well as a stylist and art director. Her brand, Neo Design, has a very original approach where past, present and future coexist. It was an honor to introduce such a dynamic and fresh Serbian designer like Nevena to the world, for both the team of ELLE Serbia and also for Nevena herself. It shows us that innovations in the fashion and textile industries are welcomed worldwide!  »

Ana Ostojic
Fashion Editor of ELLE Serbia

Andre Boffano & Sam Santos

« Modems' fresh take on minimalism with a sexy twist sets a high standard for the Brazilian label helmed by Andre Boffano and Sam Santos. They uphold a consistent brand image and beautiful campaign visuals, enlisting the hottest young stylists, graphic designers and photographers in town. Their debut show at Minas Trend Fashion Week in 2016 was very well received, placing this label as one of the most solid brands from our latest crop of young designers. It’s great to see Brazilian designers getting recognition outside our borders without betaking cultural stereotypes. Modem has Brazil in its soul, and they are able to translate our most exquisite sense of elegance through their modern take on fashion. »

Vivian Whiteman
Senior Fashion Features Editor of ELLE Brazil

Kathleen Hanhee Kye

« Kathleen Hanhee Kye is a young designer of enormous potiential in the international market. Since the first collection of her label Kye in 2011, she made a huge impact on the Korean fashion community with her witty and contemporary clothes, especially appreciated by K-pop stars. And after completing a successful appearance at London Fashion Week, she began selling her line of apparel in global multi-brand shops. It’s heartening news that she made it to the Top 20 in the ELLE Fashion Now project, and I’m sure it will be encouraging news for Korean designers who want to stretch themselves onto the global stage. I believe that Kye will become a truly successful brand not only in Korea but also in the global market. It’s wonderful news! »

Soonyoung Choi
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Korea

Soetjipto Hoeijaja
No'om I No'mi

« No’om I No’mi has brought contemporary unisex fashion to the local Indonesian market with quality material and impeccable cuts. As the Creative Director, Soetjipto Hoeijaja strives to preserve the originality of his designs, pushing boundaries and bringing modernity to versatile clothes for a sexy, modern woman. We are pleased and proud to receive this great news that he’s made it to the Top 20 ! Our congratulation to No’om I No’mi for an outcome that is well-deserved. Throughout the eight years of this energetic venture, he has managed to preserve his distinct intuition, knowledge, and creativity with consistency - a formula that shaped modern realism in the collections throughout the seasons. »

K. Nina Adelia
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Indonesia

Vasiliki Symeonidi
Vathos Apparel

« Vasiliki Symeonidi may be young, but she has inspired us with her choice of using eco-friendly materials in her designs for her brand Vathos Apparel. Our team discovered her when she had just finished her first collection, and we really love her creations, not to mention her ethical and eco-wise approach to fashion. It makes us very optimistic that in the midst of the Greek crisis, a new ecologically conscious fashion brand managed to leave its mark in the international fashion world. We are proud that ELLE supports those who, in difficult times, turn to their creativity and dare to dream of an era where the welfare of our planet is a global culture. »

Flora Tzimaka
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Greece

Ainur Turisbek
Ainur Turisbek

« A master of combining intricately crafted leather and furs with an other-worldly vibe in her designs, Ainur Turisbek brings a sense of timeless luxury to every piece. However, the self-taught Almaty-based designer aims to spread a message of strength, warmth and fragility in her collections. Winner of the ELLE STYLE AWARDS in the category of "Designer - Constant Success," Turisbek now presents her collections during Paris Fashion Week. And now, we are really happy that a Kazakh designer made it to the Top 20! ELLE Kazakhstan loves her message of staying positive with strength, warmth and fragility. »

Karina Iskakova
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Kazakhstan

Maria Skappel Holzweiler

« With beautiful qualities and materials, Maria Skappel Holzweiler's collection plays with the basics in a very modern and artistic way. Her brand Holzweiler is a direct result of collaboration with contemporary artists from around the world, which we find very interesting for our times and for the future. We are thrilled that Holzweiler did so well in the ELLE Fashion Now initiative and we strongly believe in her brand, as do several others in the international fashion universe, like Gigi Hadid and the iconic French boutique Colette. We’re very proud! Thank you ELLE readers all over the world. »

Petra Middelthon
Fashion Director of ELLE Norway

Maiko Kurogouchi

« After her debut in 2010, clutch bags made with clear PVC material garnered great attention and became Mame's signature, bringing the label and its designer Maiko Kurogouchi to international popularity. In 2014 she won the Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Newcomer's Prize and the Shiseido Sponsorship Award, and she continues to make her mark in the fashion world reinterpreting traditions in a modern way. Both Maiko Kurogouchi and ELLE Japan are honored that she is among the great designers from around the world in the ELLE Fashion Now project.  »

Kanako Sakai
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Japan

Rami Kadi
Rami Kadi

« Rami Kadi is a contemporary couturier, passionate about modern tailoring and "hand-made” work. As a Lebanese-American fashion designer, his diverging origins fuse styles from East and West, exuding a blend of freedom and traditional warmth. Whilst these worlds sometimes clash, in Rami Kadi's namesake label everything attracts, ultimately creating a beauitful unity. This is why we at ELLE Orient are really proud that he made it to the final TOP 20 of the ELLE Fashion Now competition. We feel he absolutely deserves it because he is a true artist, a champion of fine detailing with the sheer precision of old techniques from the times of the Ottoman Empire and Marie-Antoinette. With his creations, embroidery is refined, which gives even his simplest pieces a couture touch. »

Maria Aziz
Editor-in-Chief of ELLE Oriental

Tessa and Beth Macgraw

« Australian label Macgraw embraces the joy of the feminine, fun, fashion extrovert. Designers and sisters, Beth and Tessa Macgraw mix lace, frills, bows and ruffles in a modern way that has attracted the attention of Australian and international celebrities alike. We at ELLE Australia are thrilled to see them recognised in the Top 20 Designers of ELLE’s Fashion Now, and we hope the rest of the world falls in love with their enchanting designs. »

Rachel Wayman
Fashion Director of ELLE Australia

Laurence Mahéo
La Prestic Ouiston

« La Prestic Ouiston is the epitomy of a joyful and feminine French brand. Laurence Maheo, the designer behind the brand, designs in colors and prints (leopard, flowers, graphics..) that are creative yet easy to wear. With a fun mix & match tone, Laurence creates collections in which every woman can find a bit of herself. Not only a designer but also an oyster farmer in Brittany on her family's land, Laurence is very engaged, bringing messages of peace, joy and some morals into her collections, which is why we’re so happy to see her among the Top 20 of the ELLE Fashion Now project ! Her femininity and excentricity are in tune with the times.  »

Brune De Margerie
Fashion Editor-in-Chief of ELLE France

Laduma Ngxokolo
MaXhosa By Laduma
South Africa

« One of the most celebrated knitwear designers on the African continent, Laduma Ngxokolo is indeed incredibly talented, with creations that are not only impeccably made, they also represent his heritage. It is through traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns, symbolism and colors that he was inspired to reinterpret them into modern knitwear for his label MaXhosa By Laduma. We are really happy that he made it into the Top 20 with his pieces that are not only powerful, inspiring, bright and desirable, they contribute to enhancing local fashion, proudly made in South Africa. »

Emilie Gambade
Creative and Fashion Director of ELLE South Africa

Lucio Vanotti
Lucio Vanotti

« The utilitarian approach towards minimalist tailoring is imperative to Lucio Vanotti and his namesake label. With a skilled and talented eye, he brings to each of his ready-to-wear collections a chic yet minimalist feel, with a myriad of interchangeable silhouettes and pieces that can be arranged and rearranged at will. For us at ELLE Italy he is one of the most interesting emerging Italian designers today. Two years ago he received the “royal" blessing of Giorgio Armani (who lent him his theater for his show). We love his sense of pureness, the cutting-edge aspect of his silhouettes and his ability to play with proportions and asymmetrical lines. »

Adriana Di Lello
Fashion News Director of ELLE Italy

Diogo Miranda
Diogo Miranda

« Diogo Miranda has a remarkable ability to rethink classic shapes and proportions. His clothes are feminine, elegant, sophisticated and sensual, and thanks to his talent and campaigns, the designer's label is becoming well established in the local and international markets. At ELLE Portugal, we are not only extremely happy but also proud of Miranda’s work and ranking in the ELLE Fashion Now project. Although from the beginning we had complete confidence in his (amazing) designs and talent, we are filled with pride to see him being recognized worldwide by the readers of ELLE. »

Ligia Gonçalves
Journalist & Online Editor of ELLE Portugal